The ASET Foundation Board is comprised of volunteers and is open to ASET members and non-member participation. The mandate of the Foundation is to actively promote technical education for students at Alberta technical institutes and colleges, and promote the continued professional development of ASET members through the establishment and administration of several scholarships and bursaries. The Board achieves this by working with ASET staff to connect with educational administrators, engaging students and encouraging the ASET membership to support the next generation of Engineering Technology Professionals.

Corey Klimchuk,


Corey joined ASET in 2011. Since 2017, he’s volunteered with ASET in several roles. He was a member of a program advisory committee at NAIT for five years and has represented ASET in speaking engagements with students to discuss the importance of professional associations and professional roles in society. He also served on the ASET Council from 2019-2021, before he joined the Foundation Board.

Corey currently works as a commercial real estate advisor at Cresa. There, he uses his skills and experience as a C.E.T. to help clients better understand their property conditions and mitigate risks relating to environmental factors.

Corey volunteers with the Foundation to support the next generation of science and technology professionals and help stimulate the growth of Alberta’s workforce. For those dedicated to their studies, Corey believes the Foundation plays an important role in supporting them financially during their education.

He would like to see the Foundation grow with industry support to provide more scholarship opportunities and larger awards, to further help in the development of the next generation of technologists in Alberta.

Eric Amphlett, P.Tech.(Eng.), PMP

Vice Chair

Eric Amphlett has been a member of ASET since 2003. Before that he held membership with Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC). Eric began volunteering with ASET when he was elected to Council in 2013.

In 2016, he served as Council president, before ending his time on Council as past president in 2017. Following this, Eric served as the chair of the ASET Foundation from 2018 to June of 2021. He continues to sit on the foundation’s board as a voting member.

Eric currently works in Edmonton, as the manager of infrastructure and systems at C-FER Technologies. There, he oversees most operational aspects of the company that allow their engineering operations team to operate in the energy sector.

As a senior ASET member, Eric feels a responsibility to support the future of engineering and applied science technology professionals across Alberta. He is involved with the foundation to ensure the next generation of professionals are supported and given the opportunity to succeed.


Charles E. Hare, R.E.T.


Charles Hare is a long-time ASET member, having joined the association in 1978. He was on the Council from 1983-89, and served two terms as its president. He was also both the director of the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT), as well as its president from 1995-1997.

While president of the CCTT, he helped set up the Engineering Technology Scholarship Foundation of Alberta (now the ASET Foundation), and has served on it since 1989.

During his career of over 40 years, Charles worked as an operations manager in various manufacturing facilities across the province, and is now retired.

An integral part of the foundation from the very start, Charles strongly believes in its mission to help promote and provide scholarships to students in the fields of applied science technology.

Lloyd Linkiewich,


Lloyd has been a member of ASET for 32 years, with his volunteer history spanning most of that time. In his over 25 years volunteering with the association, his past roles have been as an R.E.T. Joint Registration Board member, and the chair of both the P.Tech. committee and Practice Review Board. He now sits as a member of Council, and as a board member of the ASET Foundation.

Lloyd’s dedication to the foundation comes from his belief that as a veteran technologist, it’s extremely important to give back. Doing so helps ASET members promote the practice, ensure the public is protected, and provide valuable mentorship to up-and-coming technologists so they can become the best in their fields.

With the financial assistance the foundation provides, Lloyd sees an invaluable benefit to students, who can use the support to better focus on their academic studies.

Currently the manager of wireline construction at WesTower Communications Ltd., Lloyd has over 41 years of experience in the field of telecommunications.

Valerie Ekelund,
P.Tech.(Geo.), EP


Valerie Ekelund has been with ASET since 2011. She joined as a student while attending SAIT, upgraded to a C.E.T. in 2013, and achieved her P.Tech.(Geo.) status in 2021.

She has five years as a volunteer within the technology profession. She’s served as a member of SAIT’s Academic Advisory Board for the environmental technology program since 2017. In that role, Valerie meets regularly with the group to consider the industry relevance of the program’s curriculum, to ensure the skills and technologies the students learn will be applicable in the workforce.

Valerie works as a senior project manager within the environmental due diligence and remediation team at Pinchin Ltd. At Pinchin, her role involves designing environmental site investigations. As part of these investigations, she interprets geological, hydrogeological, and chemical data for soil, groundwater, and soil vapour samples, to evaluate proper receptor exposure, and management or remediation options.

As a member of the board, Valerie would like to support the growth and expansion of various foundation initiatives. This includes the promotion of diversity in engineering and technology in Alberta.

Maureen Kamanguza,


Maureen Kamanguza has been an ASET member for over 10 years. She’s spent that time as a chemical engineering technologist working in the oil and gas industry, engineering, procurement, construction management (EPCM), and utility companies. She currently works as a project manager tasked with managing the implementation of ERP software with a private company in Edmonton to improve day to day performance and production.

Maureen presently volunteers with ASET as a mentor by sharing gained knowledge and various skills to younger professionals when needed. Over the years, she’s participated in various ASET events such as Women in Engineering and Technology, and the recent AGM conference with ASET Council members in Banff, Alberta.

Maureen’s goal as a board director is to support the ASET Foundation by digitally promoting its goals and vision. She will contribute her skills in information technology, transformational leadership and project management to the organization. Maureen looks forward to being part of the solution within the foundation. She strongly believes in giving back to community.

Dave Merralls, R.E.T.


David has been a member of ASET since the early ‘90s. His comprehensive volunteer experience has taken him to every corner of the association, and beyond.

In addition to his current duties with the ASET Foundation, he served on Council as both a member and the president, and as a member and the past chair of the registered professional technology (R.P.T. (Eng) and P.Tech. (Eng.) committees . On top of all that, he’s given lectures on ethics through both ASET and SAIT, sharing his proficiency as a business subject matter expert.

A retired project manager, David currently also volunteers as a constituency association director at large, and as a trustee of a land investment group.

Through his volunteer work with the foundation, David strives to facilitate financially helping well-deserving students in their studies, and hopefully welcome them into the profession as student members or technologists-in-training. He also sees the foundation as a helping hand for returning technologists looking to gain additional credentials.

Raf Tenderenda, P.Tech.(Eng.),
P.L.(Eng.), PMP, MBA


Raf Tenderenda has been a member of ASET since 2003, starting as a student member and achieving P.Tech.(Eng.) status in 2014. He attained a PMP designation in 2020. 

Beginning his career as an engineering technologist for the City of Edmonton, he soon moved up the ranks to project management and operations management.   

In 2018 Raf won the ASET Technologist of the Year Award. Raf was selected for the award for his technical expertise. He was also selected because of his commitment to the association’s principles, his contributions to up-and-coming technologists and his many hours of volunteer work.  

Raf also participates in the ASET mentorship program, helping young technologists find their footing in the field. He’s a member and former chair of ASET’s investigation committee. 

Raf volunteered as director of the City of Edmonton Management Association (CEMA) and in the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire relief efforts. He additionally mentors new Canadians for the Edmonton Region Employment Immigration Council.  

Norman Villeneuve,


Norm has over 32 years of experience as a technologist, 29 of those spent as a member of ASET. With a background in architectural technology, he performs architectural, structural, and industrial projects, as well as project management work for a range of clients.

As a volunteer, he currently sits on Council, and is mid-way through his second term. In his role of Councillor, Norm has worked to improve the association’s value to its members, and to ensure technologists continue to have the rights and responsibilities of self-regulation.

Currently, Norm works for Associated Engineering as a project manager. He leverages his expertise as both a project manager and C.E.T. to integrate the work of technologists alongside other professions.

Norm’s main drive in volunteering with the foundation is to support the continued success of the technology profession, through education and the support of its members.